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Why Innovation Mindset is so Important for Business Leaders?

By definition, innovation means something new. It plays a significant .... Continue Reading

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A Guide For Leading An Impactful Business

The initiation of almost all ventures starts with an idea. The idea later evolves into a concrete reason that prompts you to be daring enough to begin something new, something that hasn’t been done before. Continue Reading

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The Power Of Effort

In literal terms, effort refers to the conscious exertion of power. In modern culture, it is considered as the bare minimum that separates you from a crowd of mediocrity. Continue Reading

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A Brief Discussion On Disruptive Innovation

In literal terms, disruption refers to the act of interrupting the normal course of an entity. In the year 1995, Clayton M. Christensen deployed its connotation in regards to business and coined the theory of disruptive innovation. Continue Reading